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Last Year I Fixed Matt Ryan. You're Welcome.


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I was concerned about Matt's tunnel vision to Julio last year and I pondered a solution.

I found out that plenty of Div-I quarterbacks were using Go-Pros in practice, and when combined with All-22 tape, it developed their field vision and sped up their decision-making.

I needed to get over a certain amount on Amazon for free shipping, so I threw this into the cart

It was called DBpower back then

I Fed-Ex'd the camera to Flowery Branch ATTN:Matt Lafleur. I outlined the benefits and gave detailed instructions as to how the equipment team was to attach it to one of Matt's helmets.

I have thus far seen no footage of Matt using it in practice, mentioning it in interviews, or even received a thank-you note, which tells me one thing:

My camera is the real reason Matt is the 2016 MVP, and they want to keep it a secret!

It's okay Iceman, no thanks necessary ! I'm just happy you and the team are balling out!

Image result for Matt Ryan thumbs up


P.S.: I had to make sure he did well in the playoffs before I was knew it was working

P.S.S.: No, I'm not crazy, I don't even remember the name of my psychiatrist, that's how long it's been!

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3 hours ago, AllStarHandyMan said:

 now you can break into Flowery Branch. You have property in there so now you can go get it lol

I am 99 percent certain that the camera is being used for important work on offense, and is not currently attached to the collar of Matt Lafleur's dog.

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