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Are we going to be hearing all week about what if that holding penalty had not been called on Hester's return?


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Hester's big return in the first half that was offset by a holding penalty on the line of scrimmage was a big game changer as it ultimately pushed Seattle to their own end zone and helped us get a safety.  Every article I read now from the national press seems to bring it up more than any of Atlanta's plays.  Was it really the difference in the game?

1) There was actually another holding penalty that could have been called on Sherman? as our guy was just getting to Hester

2) It was Seattle's own stupidity and frugality on their OL that caused them to get a safety.  Note we drove 99 yards for a touchdown from that same field position.

3) Hester was playing his own game.  I don't think he cared about the Seahawks but just wanted to show Falcons management they should have kept him instead of going with Weems.

4) We got our own stupid penalty later on a guy being on the wrong side of the center on a punt - Seattle got to keep the ball as a result of this one.

5) Can anybody forget the end of our first matchup and the no-call that ended that game?

6) Can Detroit forget the stupid referee calls made or not made on them last week in Seattle?

7) With the way the Falcons offense played all game, does anybody really think Seattle scoring one more touchdown would have made a difference (and we really could have scored 43)?

8) A penalty is a penalty and nobody is denying it was a hold on Hester's runback just whether it should have been overlooked.

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4 minutes ago, rcky_mtn_falcon said:

Fact of the matter is that was a legitimate hold. Maybe the play is different if Reynolds actually gets to run down field instead of being tackled.

I'm more amazed by the fact the referees actually saw a hold by Seattle seeing as they missed them regularly throughout the game.

I thought the call was on Dicky Sherman, he spun the gunner around twice, 

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