Chipper Jones Has Another Baby

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30 minutes ago, Brave Nu Werld said:

He was a great hitter and he can make a baby. There's not much more good to say about him. A pretty classless person. A punk

Is that why he always did what was in the best interest of the Braves instead of in his best interest? If he was like you claim he is then he would have bolted for the Yankees or whichever team could offer him the most money instead of taking less to stay with the Braves his whole career. He would have hired Scott Boras as his agent and allowed Boras to get him an over $1M signing bonus instead of signing for just $275,000 out of high school. But he wanted to play for the Braves so he hired an agent that would allow him to get drafted and signed by the Braves. He wouldn't have volunteered to move to LF and hurt his career so the Braves could sign Vinny Castilla and make the team better. A person who is classless and a punk doesn't do all those things. He screwed up and had an affair as a young person. Something that happens a lot. Doesn't make it right but no one is perfect. Dude is great.

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35 minutes ago, Brave Nu Werld said:

He was a GREAT Brave. As a person away from the field, not so much. 

He made bad judgements when he was younger (We all do).  Sheldon Richardson is plenty worse than him and people on this board would love to have him as a Falcon.  

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28 minutes ago, Brave Nu Werld said:

He made bad judgments but they never affected his play. The player is great, the person not. That's all I'm saying. 

Mans when I say he was a great Brave, I mean he was great in EVERY way. 

I get what you are saying.  I would not say bad person, he made bad choices but there are just some bad people like Aaron HErnandez, Greg Hardy, Rae Carruth.  Those are bad people.    

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