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Flew out my sister from CA to her 1st Falcons game EVAR! Can we please get loud in Da DOME?!

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7 minutes ago, Nereek said:

We will probably get more Seahawks fans than falcons fans at the game, that's just how poor our fanbase is.

You are the pot and the kettle. I guess you are looking in the mirror.

Statements like that is what makes the 'fanbase' what it is. There are DEFINITELY true fans True to Atlanta on here.

My question is, what are you doing to build/uplift the fanbase?

This is the most wrong time to make an asinine statement like that.

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1 hour ago, I Even Bleed Red said:

Let's get loud at the dome!


Let's do it. CenturyLink has  the design ability to make it near impossible for Seahawks opponents to hear  and focus at times so why not give them a taste of what it's like. When they're on offense  crank up the volume and crank out some noise on your cell phones on top of crowd noise? And before anyone reminds us of the pumped in crowd noise, we all know this is not the same thing the Falcons were busted for. Hey why not use every legal little advantage we can? There are no do overs and the Seahawks make no apologies to their opponents for making like difficult  at their house.  This is our house!

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5 hours ago, Jimsmusic™ said:

glad she got to see this game now that's how you go to your first falcons game

It was an intense atmosphere. Glad she got to experience it like this too!

4 hours ago, Caddieman said:

Was it loud?

YES!! IT WAS INSANE. I haven't seen it like that before! Was it because it may have been our last game there?

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