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Matt Ryan Cusses Out Coaching Staff

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Was watching an interview on NFLN with Will Blackmon and he starts telling a story of when Matt Ryan was at BC. 

Said during Matys freshman year, at his first day as scout quarterback, he shredded the defense up. 

Now laughing, Will fast forwards to Matt's sophomore year in which he takes over the starting gig mid-way through the season. Will states during Matts first game as a starter the coaches didn't get the call in. Matt calls time-out, runs over to sideline and begins cussing out the coaching staff for not getting the call in. 

Following the timeout Matt gets the call in and throws a 50 yard pass to Will Blackmon. 


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Matt don't duck around.

I remember a play specifically Julios rookie year but I forget who they were playing.

After they broke the huddle Julio came to Matt and had body language like he wasn't sure he knew the play.  Matt talked to him for a couple of seconds and then had to call a time out.

Matt clearly was pissed and it looked like he might have taken the Lords name in vain.  He let Julio have it.  To be fair I've never seen Julio do that again.

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