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Less than 24 hours until kickoff!


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Love this quote from DQ today.  We can do all the worrying we want about whether the team will play like they can, but only DQ can actually make sure the team is in a mindset to deliver, and it sounds like he's getting it done.

No tipping caps.  No puff pieces about the tough opponent coming up.  No distraction talk about Future playlists.  Just business.  Arrive Violently.  Describes exactly how I feel we need to start this game.

I've been nervous all week and now that we're this close I'm getting freaking AMPED for this game to start.

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I tried to plan all week so that I'd be done with work once Saturday rolled around, but it just didn't work out. 

I have to write 5k words tomorrow between 7 and about 3. (ETA: For what it's worth, I get to write about cannabis, so there could be worse topics...)

Wish me luck, boys. I've done it before, but I probably only average about 700 words/hour on a good day. 

I'll have to stop if I don't finish, but then I'll be drunk writing tomorrow night. 

God help those fools who believe the things they read on the intrawebz. 

Rise the **** up mother****ers. 



ETA2: Shame on my sexist ***. I said "boys" above. I'm sure there are plenty of females in the brotherhood. My wife is drinking from her Falcons shotglass right now. 

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Spent the last 24 hrs going through Falcons game photos and memorabilia collected at the Dome over the past 20 years.  What a journey! I can’t see this team, nor the fans, allowing the last history of our house to be remembered in failure. As Falcons fans we know how to embrace the negativity on the Friday night, and remind them of what they said on Sunday morning. Be the loudest 12th man you can possible be, for this one last time in the Dome.

Rise Up!   GO FACONS!!!!

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