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AFCA college football rule changes proposals


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I love some of the ideas.  The new redshirt rule is awesome.  Get your true freshman snaps and as long as they don't play over 4 games you can still redshirt them.  I love the idea of a 10th staff member and the dec 3rd early signing day.  There are a few more that aren't mentioned in the article.  They are looking at getting rid of backcounting of scholarships and that is big.  bama is signing 30 this year due to backcounting.  i think it's a good idea to keep teams to 25 scholarships every year so you don't have oversigning.  Another change is you can not (see michiganas a big example)  hire a recruits coach for up to 2 years.  I bet they add family members to that rule if it is passed.  Another rule you can not hire a coach to work a camp on your campus if you are recruiting a player of his.  Every program does that.  When you see a coach come up from south florida with a bunch of kids to work a camp on a campus that won't be happening if this rule passes.  So they might still come up, but they won't be paid like they are now.  Another change may be to the dead period.  They are considering making July a dead period meaning no big july camps which is usually when they are held. 

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