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Superstitions and Game Day Rituals

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3 hours ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

Did you ask your daughter how she obtained those beads at Mardi Gras? I would have been rather suspicious.. hopefully they are not hex'd to boot.. <_<

/purple, didn't man any disrespect just couldn't help but laugh a bit :o

LOL I asked her that too LOL she said she bought them at a gift shop LOL. 

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On draft day whwn we picked Matt I cursed at my television.  I didn't think he was the quarterback of the future and I thought trading down and getting more picks was the better option.

I listened to his first press conference after being drafted and before he had even finished I had ordered a Matt Ryan jersey from the Falcons online store.

The only ritual I have is putting that jersey on, beat up as it is now.  At first I wore it because the only other jersey I owned was a Deangelo Hall jersey and he wasn't a Falcon anymore.  Then came the Chicago game.  

That weekend I had to travel to Miami.  We were driving back Sunday and I had the game on the radio, but I forgot to put my jersey on before we left and it was in my suitcase.  The entire game I was on edge.  We got home and I cut the TV on just as Chicago scored to go up in the game.  I sighed, opened my suitcase, and put the jersey on.  Boom! Matt hits Jenkins and Bryant puts the game away.

I have other jersey's now, but that one gets special treatment.  My friends know that when I'm rocking that jersey its a big game.  The last big game I didn't wear it for was the 2012 NFCCG.  My parents surprised me with a Julio Jones jersey and we were all watching the game together.  

That was the last time I will make that mistake.  I will be rocking my ultra-faded Matt Ryan #2 this weekend.  

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