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Just curious how we start our playoff run..


Differ or Recieve??  

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  1. 1. Opening coin toss, if won do you go on offense or send out the defense?

    • Receive kickoff
    • Differ to second half

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40 minutes ago, Chi City Falcon said:

woops, how embarrassing! 

Just to make sure we know the difference. lol...


  1. be unlike or dissimilar.
    "the second set of data differed from the first"
    synonyms: contrast with, be different from, be dissimilar to, be unlike, vary from, diverge from, deviate from, conflict with, run counter to, be incompatible with, be at odds with, go against, contradict
    "the second set of data differed from the first"
    • disagree.
      "he differed from his contemporaries in ethical matters"
      synonyms: disagreeconflict, be at variance, be at odds, be in dispute, not see eye to eye
      "the two sides differed over this issue"
      We will DEFER to the second half.
      We DIFFER on our opinions on who will win this game.
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