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What running game?

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What running game does seattle have? Rawls? they don'thave a rb with 500 yds. In fact they have one running back with more than 30 carries that has a 4.0 ypc. That is not a strong suit.  If they had such a good running game Wilson would have been better than 21 tds to 11 picks. We have basicalll 500 more rush yards and 500 more passing yards. they are right in the middle of time of posession at 30:03.

They have 42 sacks which is nice but their opponents also created 42 sacks against a Qb that is rushing out of the pocket to soon bc they have TWO receivers that worry me. Only one receiver had 1,000 yds, and Graham just missed it. If we stop Graham than they will have trouble scoring on us.**** the Saints had trouble scoring. Yes we traded time for points, and lost a friggin onside kick to get them within 6. They aren't going to get 2 offsides in a row though. It's just how you play the game. When you have a 4 score lead at halftime you get conservative so that you don't turn the ball over. Baldwin will be handled by Alf or Collins.

The only reason Seattle has won is because of how many more Field goals they had compared to opponents. They had 37 fgs, with TWO misses from 20-29. Haush has a bit of a problem kicking short from the hash. 37 made field goals to 19 by opponents is why they have won because everyting else except turn over ratio is really close. SEA has a +1 T.o. ratio, and we are +11. That could be the game.We kept the number TWO offense in scoring to 13 points in the first half.

I don't see the Hawks scoring more than 17-21. If you start looking at SEA stats they look like an 8-8,team which they should be. BTW in case noone noticed Collins finished with the same number of tackles as Trufant, but more solo tackles, and 2 more picks. Also I had no idea Alford had 19 pass deflections. I think Alf and Collin's aggressive nature fits our scheme better than Trufant's natural ability. I don't think we will resign Trufant. Maybe we can get Richardson. We REALLY could have used his 13 TFLS for a total of -83 yards. 

In other words, SEA has NO chance without their refs.

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