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Roll Call! Who will be at the Georgia Dome Saturday?


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5 hours ago, ATLIEN404 said:

Rub some Tussin on it and get on down to the dome!!!!





Wish it was that easy~put the surgery off already for the New Orleans game :-)  Husband just shook his head~God love him he is a **** good man !!!! (Of course he was pumped for the Aints game too)





In all seriousness I hope you have a speedy revcovery


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Flying back from Oakland for the game tomorrow and will be in Section 134 with my pops and brother. Been going to games since I was one. I'm 40 now. I've been to almost every playoff game, home and away, since being born. Almost got jumped during the two Philly losses, stripped down to my boxers in 15 degree weather after promising my brother I would if the Falcons went up two scores in Green Bay, and was at the crushing loss to the Niners a few years back. One of the worst nights of my life. Having been a Florida Gator and lived in San Francisco for the past 12 years, I've seen my fair share of championships, and it's been great. That said, nothing will ever top a Falcons championship. Nothing.

I believe this is our year to get to the big game, and if we can get there, anything can happen.

Rise up Falcon fans. RISE UP!

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On 1/11/2017 at 7:00 PM, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Awesome. Haven't seen you and the hubby since that 2012 NFCCG debacle. Looks like we're in the same aisle this time. I'm in seat 1 so I'll catch you on the way to the concession stand. Hopefully we can get some rest this year.

Awesome!   We are in seats 3 4 and 5!

See you tomorrow!

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On 1/12/2017 at 6:42 PM, jonnyblooz said:

317 Row 1 as always. Driving from NC. I've never missed a playoff game in the dome. 

This made me reflect. The only one I missed was the GB disaster. Thank the football gods. We've only had five. We went 3-2 in those. I still aint over that last loss. Tomorrow is the sixth and maybe final playoff game in the dome. 4-2 would be way better than 3-3. Rise. Protect the Dome. Go to the Benz on a roll.

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