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Former Clemson Star Vic Beasley Said Teammate Julio Jones Didn’t Pick Up Phone After Title Game

Vic Beasley’s Clemson Tigers beat Julio Jones’s Alabama Crimson Tide last night. After the game, Beasley says Jones wouldn’t answer the phone.

Last night’s national championship ran very late, to the chagrin of many college football fans, but it didn’t affect Beasley’s excitement. He told members of the press that the win almost sent him running around the neighborhood. He also tried to call his superstar Atlanta Falcons teammate Julio Jones to gloat a bit, and got the answering machine.

Vic Beasley said he went to sleep around 3am & thought about running around neighborhood after Clemson win. Called Julio.. No pick up pic.twitter.com/votqNgnbEx

— Zach Klein (@ZachKleinWSB) January 10, 2017


Jones has long been one of the NFL’s best wide receivers, since entering the league from Alabama. Beasley emerged this season as the team’s most explosive pass rusher in his second year out of Clemson, taking down opposing quarterbacks 15.5 times in the regular season.

Both will need to bring their ‘A’ game this weekend, with the Seattle Seahawks coming to town for the divisional round of the NFC playoffs

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Well...there goes the brotherhood.  We don't need this distraction during this time of the seasons...this is the playoffs man, the playoffs!!!  I hope Quinn gets the two together and insures there is no bad blood before it spreads throughout the team. 

Ok I beat the negative Nancy's to it. 


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