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Key to winning against Seattle - wear down Richard Sherman.


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By my count, Richard Sherman was on Julio Jones for 30 of 46 coverage snaps in Week 6. On those plays, Matt Ryan was 3-for-5 for 40 yards when targeting Jones. The Falcons did a good job of using motion to get Jones away from Sherman. And the Seahawks busted a coverage that led to a 36-yard Jones TD. He ended up with seven catches for 139 yards. On the final drive, Sherman shadowed Jones for four straight plays – even when he was in the slot. Story line this week: Will the Seahawks have Sherman travel with Jones even more Saturday?

i?img=%2Fi%2Fcolumnists%2Fkapadia_sheil_m.jpg&w=80&h=80&scale=cropSheil Kapadia, ESPN Writer


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3 minutes ago, octoslash said:

Yeah yeah Seattle, concentrate on Julio, a lot....because we don't have any other weapons on offense.   :slick:

Well at the time we were still concentrating on him most of the time I think. Ain't that way now. Too many weapons. 

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2 hours ago, parmenion said:

Seattle will be looking for the trick plays - especially in tape of KC game and how Philly beat us.



A trick play maybe incorporated, but there is more to worry about than that.

Seattle is more than just Sherman on defense. Bennett is going to be playing and looking to do what he did last time, which was harassing Ryan, and getting away with a few late hits. Cam Chancellor will be playing in this game as well, as he was injured the last time around. Look for the Seattle D to play a lot more man in this game than they did last time too. The Falcons will need to ware down the entire unit, by running the ball well.

The "Key", is to score first, fast and often. The Falcons can not afford to let this game start slow. If the Falcons do start fast, then they need to keep their foot on the gas and finish it, instead of letting them hang around. The Falcons will also need to be looking for Jimmy Graham to be more involved, as he has been a Falcon killer in the past, and I'll bet the game plan has a lot to do with him this weekend. The Falcons are facing a battle tested perennial playoff team, that knows how to play under the spotlight. If the Falcons make mistakes (dropped passes, and turnovers), then it will cost them the game IMO. 

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