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So no one's gonna say it, huh? ... Well, I'm scared of the Seahawks

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6 minutes ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

People SHOULD be scared of them. They're a battle-tested team. 

But I think we can win. 

They looked like garbage and were lucky to draw the Lions if we are being honest.  Yes, they are a battle tested team, but this isn't the Seahawks of the past.  They have lost **** near all of their swag on defense and their offense can't put up points.  Detroit made them look a lot better than they are.

I think we can win too, but I feel like it's their fans who should be saying "I think we can win".  We are the favorites, we are the better team, not only CAN we win but we SHOULD win.

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It's one thing to show some respect for their potential to win...another to proclaim I am scared! If you're scared, don't show up, else you might get trucked! Just saying this ain't a full fledged assault into the heart of Afghanistan, whereas you might get ur hind end blown off literally! Your big dogs against their big dogs, and hope you win!

 Those doggone hags should be scared of us considering they are on the left coast!

Rise up, and remember the Lords Prayer...you gonna be okay, I promise!

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