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TATF 2016 MVP & PotY! Live Vote until 1.13.16 @ 6PM


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I meant to put this up over the weekend but with 8" of snow in Richmond, Va I had to be at my restaurant all weekend dealing with all the crazies who like to snow day drink, as it doesn't happen all that often around these parts.

With that said, I decided some time ago that I was going to host a MVP and Poster of the Year contest with the swag I got from the Tampa game I went down to.

However, because I feel one poster went above and beyond the call of duty to bring value to this board, I've decided that I'm going to control the vote for MVP and award that to @PeytonMannings Forehead for all of the amazing threads that he has tirelessly put so much effort into. The knowledge and objective insight he has allowed so many posters on our lovely TAFT board to gain is truly invaluable, cause it still is the internet. So with that, I bequeath him my Vic Beasley game worn glove. (he had already expressed interest in that item so it is only fair). PFM, just send me your shipping details.

Now, as for PotY on TATF, I leave that up to all of you. While there is no way to prove it, the second item of swag I got from that game was Matt Ryan's towel that he wears on his waist.

Voting will take place thru Friday 1.13.16 @ 6PM. I'll tally all of the votes that are made before that time and send the towel to the winner. And no, you can't vote for yourself.

Happy Playoffs TATF!!! (mods, want to pin?)

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3 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

We got lucky here in Fairfax VA, only a dusting.  Btw, is this your restaurant or are you just employed there?  

Congrats to PMF

It's mine. I have two partners that run it day to day cause I still have a day job, but I try to help out on the weekends when I'm not traveling and making sure things are running smoothly.

Don't forget your PotY vote though!

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6 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:


dude stood in the message board preverbal pocket and backed Ryan after a major letdown last year. Made some major claims before the season, took a lot of **** but in the end was absolutely correct

thats my vote for POTY 

I will second that notion.  

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