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Seattle is back??


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I'm out here in Seattle listening to ESPN 710 and they are doing cartwheels after the win over Detroit.  Some interesting things I heard this morning...

"Was that the Seattle offensive line or the Dallas offensive line?"  ~ Warren Moon

Rawls ran for 160 yards breaking Beast Mode's playoff record.  The 10-6 score after 3 was just how Seattle gameplanned... wearing down Detroit and then taking over the game in the 4th.  We are confident going into Atlanta.  Their LB core doesn't tackle very well which bodes well for our run game.  Beasley's shoulder injury will be a factor.  Seattle's 37 min ToP led to a dominating victory Sat night.


Pete Carroll is coming on in 15 mins... can't wait to hear what he says.  Didn't they just beat the Detroit Lions?  Is Rawls the 2nd coming of Beast Mode?

Their fans are spoiled by success and I've got 3 bets at work with guys who offered me a bet straight up saying Seattle is gonna come into the Dome and throttle the Falcons.  One of the guys did drop his bet from $200 to $100 though so he might be coming to his senses.

No fear here. 


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