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Don't Be Fooled: The Seattle Seahawks Won't Win Another Playoff Game This Season


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It's easy to fall into the hype.

Thomas Rawls transformed into Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks' beleaguered offensive line had the vaunted Cowboys Pro Bowlers questioning themselves. Saturday night it was all rose pedals and gardens and there were plenty of smart columnists who are falling in love with the 12s. I'm here to show you why you'd be a fool to do the same.

Heading into Saturday's game, the Seahawks were roughly eight-point favorites. The line may have shifted a point or two by kickoff, but throughout the week the experts were predicting a dominant performance from Seattle.


Is that what happened? Not exactly.

Heading into the fourth quarter, this was a four-point game. The Lions receivers dropped four passes, most of which would have led to big gains (if they were caught.) They also committed costly personal foul penalties, some by veterans Anquan Boldin and Haloti Ngata, which set up Seattle touchdowns.

Essentially, Detroit self-destructed, and it should not have surprised anyone.

The Lions finished the regular season with a -12 point differential. Their best player and star quarterback Matthew Stafford was dealing with a dislocation on the middle finger of his throwing hand, which limited the Lions' playbook and their ability to throw deep. Detroit's most dynamic offensive weapon, Theo Riddick, was placed on IR and didn't play in this game. It's a franchise that hasn't won a playoff game since 1993 yet nobody is mentioning how they were 15 minutes from winning this game.

Remember, this is a Seattle team that had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Pro Football Focus ranked the unit 29th-best in the league during the Regular Season, with Football Outsiders graciously boosting them to 26h overall. Seattle finished 25th in the NFL averaging 99.4 rush yards per game, its worst ranking since 2010. Thomas Rawls averaged just 38.8 rushing yards in the nine regular-season games he played.



As dynamic as Rawls and the offensive line looked, are we just supposed to forget about all their problems throughout the year?

The last time Rawls exploded for a big game, 106 yards and 2 TDs at home against Carolina, he was limited to 38 yards on 12 carries on the road against the Bucs the following week.

Football Outsiders ranked the Lions defense as the worst in the NFL.

Again, the worst defense in the NFL.

They surrendered more than 150 yards rushing in each of the past three weeks. Call me crazy if you dare, but I'm thinking the 'Beast Mode' Rawls we saw and the success Seattle had on the ground was a product of Detroit's struggles, not the other way around. 

Looking ahead to next week, I'm even more skeptical of Seattle's prospects.

The Seahawks went 7-1 at home in the Regular Season. They were 3-4-1 on the road. Traveling to Atlanta where they'll face one of the best offenses in NFL history, led by my MVP Matt Ryan, shouldn't exactly send good vibes through Pike Place Market.

I already hear the Atlanta skeptics: 'it won't matter, they have to face the Seahawks' defense.'

Well, sure. Facing the ninth-best defense in the league isn't an easy task. There's a reason Seattle has advanced this far and Atlanta will only be facing good teams from here on out.

The thing is, the Falcons are used to it. In fact, Atlanta has faced six top-10 defenses already this season, including these Seahawks while only faced a bottom-10 defense three times. Despite this, they were one of the best offenses we've seen since the NFL merger.

ESPN's Bill Barnwell did an outstanding piece delving into what makes Atlanta's offense so dynamic, highlighting their ability to score early and often while limiting turnovers. Here are a few tidbits I found particularly interesting.

Atlanta has come away with points on 52.4 percent of its drives this season. Nobody else in football is above 45.7 percent, and the league average is just 35.7 percent.


With the unexpected production of Taylor Gabriel, Atlanta has generated 34 plays of 30 yards or more this season, the most in football. They also have a league-leading 14 touchdowns of 30 yards or more.


They average a league-high 7.5 yards per play on first down (nobody else in the league is above 6.7 yards). Pro-Football-Reference has down-by-down data going back through 1994, and only one other team over that span, the 2006 Eagles.

In years' past, this offense was mainly 'give Julio the ball' and use other options as needed. This year they proved time and time again that as great as Jones is, they don't need him to succeed. Atlanta has the most dynamic backfield in football in Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, both of whom are threats to score every time they touch the ball. Want to stuff the box and stop the run? Then Ryan and his dynamic weapons Taylor Gabriel, Mohamed Sanu and yes, the aforementioned Julio Jones will beat you through the air.

In five games this season, Jones has posted 60 yards or fewer. Atlanta won them all, averaging over 30 points per game in the process. Earl Thomas won't be around for this Falcons-Seahawks rematch, which should open up some big plays through the secondary for Atlanta.

Don't let the one-game sample size fool you. The Seahawks won't win another game this postseason


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It's articles such as this with cogent, objective points which overshadow its subjective title. Writers like this give me hope in sports writing, then again this is from Forbes, not ESPN, NFLN, BR or other subjective primary school analysis. PS: I muted the Packers game today so that I couldn't hear Joe Buck. He needs to cover baseball only. Falcon Nation IGNORE all STUPID threads by the ghost trolls on this board, we all know who they are. Not rise up, SUIT UP! 

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Only way the Falcons lose is if they beat themselves. Seattle coming to the dome is poetic justice from the football gods themselves. Sweet revenge will be handed out swiftly and powerfully this upcoming Saturday evening. And the best part is that Seattle fans are so caught up in thinking they are the team of destiny for beating a weak team like Detroit, they won't even see this coming. It's gonna hit the 12th man twice as hard. 

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1) Last time we played THEY had the bye week and home field. Tides are turned. We are at home after a Bye. Most importantly no BS 12th man refs in Seattle.
2) Defense as a whole is playing WAY better than it was back then
3) They didn't have Rawls or Kam in the 1st Meeting. Now they won't have Thomas and Lockett. Kind of a wash.
4) We won't have Trufant but when you have Collins stepping up in the way that he has, Is it that big of a factor anymore? Tamme out this time which sucks but we also have had Gabriel come along in the offense who has been awesome.
5) I would bet money Julio goes completely insane this game. He hasn't forgotten the drop that lead to the INT or the no call on the Interference. I wouldn't be surprised to see 150-200 yards and 1-2 tds.

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