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Simply put, Seattle is our doormat!


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We put up 24 on a Seattle defense that hadn't given up a TD yet. We are healthy as ****, and they couldn;t hold us to under 30 with 12 men. All we need is a neutral or positive turnover differential. I think Wilson gets sacked 4+ times extending plays. If Hageman continues to play, or even play better, we have a legit front 4. If Babs was 2-3 years younger we would have a nice front 4 right now. If we can stop the run early, we beat anyone. If a team gets one dimensional, Beez can pin back his ears, and we can focus on the passing game. Also, I thnk Gabriel returns our punts, during the playoffs. 

sidenote: was suprised to hear McKissic is on SEA team and he wasn't returning? 

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6 minutes ago, mtldirtybird said:

they were scary good in round 1...rawls wilson and baldwin are back to elite form...and did u see Richardsons 3 catches....wow

Scary good?  I'm not one to downplay anyone, but they were up 13-6 in the 4th quarter against the Lions, who looked like they had no business being in the playoffs.

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