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Under the Radar

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20 minutes ago, falconidae said:

Nobody is under the radar in the second round of the playoffs, not to the teams.  The media and opposing fans may not think much of the falcons, but, I promise you that Seattle is worried about  the Falcons.

They said it after we played them. Only on here was that some kind of horrible loss. There were several reports of them saying how they said they wouldn't be surprised/expected to see us again in the playoffs and here we are....


This time it's in our house though.

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3 hours ago, Hibachi said:

WTF is that malnourished Clay Matthews doing?

That's a Texas Tech student ringing the bell at a football game.  He leaned in close to it and made it look like he was enjoying it a bit too much.  It happened years ago but still pretty funny, I think.  

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7 hours ago, since68andcounting said:

It's all gonna be about Green Bay at Dallas. We're flying fast and low. Ready to attack. Right where we need to be.

Keep flyin' Falcons.

I like it that way. Wear the Rodney Dangerfield tattoo proudly! A Lombardi is on the way with this coach, just a matter of time!

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