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Can someone please explain how Tom Brady, a man suspended by the NFL for CHEATING, even be in the conversation for MVP??

He played in only 12 games where as Ryan played in all 16.  Brady plays for team where any QB can win, Ryan does not.

If we apply the BRADY rule, where you are judged by only games you play and not a full season then the award should really go to Romo who scored a TD

on every drive he Qb'd this year

By the way, Chris collinsworth said he voted for said Brady.  ***** bag. 


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speaking of the brady for MVP junk, surely I'm not the only one who heard collinsworth say he struggled with his vote, but ultimately voted for brady. I've always hated listening to him call games, and he just validated his stupidity on national television by saying "what esle could brady do"? 


I mean good grief, what else does MATT have to do? although I'm confident he won it

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Ryan is by far the betting favorite to win MVP in Vegas. You have to bet $300 to win $100 on Ryan for MVP. Second place is Rodgers where if you bet $100 you win $350. Safe to say that Ryan will be the MVP. I have a friend who put $50 on Ryan to win MVP back in August and it's scheduled to pay out $4000.

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