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There is a good chance we get 3 awards

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There is a chance that Falcons' players could win the M.V.P., D.P.O.Y., and with Jones, and Neal, we could win R.O.Y, although Zeke will most likely take that spot. I do think that either Matt or Beez nutz will get screwed out of the MVP or DPOY though. It's just cool to have a shot at all three spots.( I can't remember if there is a defensive, and offensive rook of the year.)

side note; If Spoon could have stayed healthy, funny I know, he would have been a candidate for comeback player of the year. Let's jst be glad Schaub isn't up for the award. Clayborn is the only candidate I could come up with that didn't play great last year, but is performing really well this year, There is Collins of course but who, outside of Atlanta, knows who he is. On offense, Chris Chester is the only guy I could think of, even though alot of folks on here want him replaced. lol.  He needs a replacement, because of age, but to spend a first or second is dumb unless the BPA is a zone blocking guard.

I was looking for FA free safeties, and thought Byrd must be close to his contract becoming RFA. Here is a link that shows how stupid the contract N.O. gave him. (look at the dead cap for this year)

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I have 100 % confidence that Matt won MVP, as he was voted the All-Pro QB. I think because Matt wins MVP they give Kalil Mack DPOY out of pity for the raiders(not that Mack wouldn't deserve it, but it would be nice to see Beasley get it). I love Jones and Neal, but Bosa has DROY locked up. 10.5 sacks in 12 games is crazy.

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20 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

Ryan wins MVP. Mack wins DPOY and Joey Bosa wins DROY


21 minutes ago, papachaz said:

aren't there different awards for offensive rookie of the year and defensive rookie of the year? Jones and/or Neal wouldn't be competing against dak and zeke if so....


I was wondering that myself but seeing it written, yeah you are right.

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44 minutes ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

How can you not think Beez shoud get DPOY?

Look at my signature  bud! Beasley is my favorite Falcon by far and I think the Deacon Jones Award winner (NFL sack title) more than deserves it. I just don't think he'll get it over Mack or Berry.

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2 hours ago, Godzilla1985 said:

Most likely we would get two both for Matt. MVP & Offensive Player of the Year. Doubt any more than that.

David Johnson deserves the OPOY award. Although it'd be nice to see Matt win it, David Johnson was just so dang good for a team that ended up really having nothing offensively, other than Fitz.

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