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As of now, I was completely wrong on the new regime for the Falcons

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And I'm completely ecstatic to be wrong.

I had my doubts on this season for the Falcons this year. For me they seemed to be simply reinforced after the first game of the season and I thought a 6-10 at best season was coming. But after the first 5 games, it was clear that it seemed different to me (even if doubt slipped in at times later), and a lot of it is because of the brilliant moves made on offense in the offseason.

Signing Alex Mack was a brilliant move and it helped to completely fix the offensive line issues. It allowed for Matt Ryan to not have to call out the offensive line blocking plays and just focus on what he needed to focus on offensively (coverages, etc.).
It turned out that Roddy White was indeed done.
Mohamed Sanu may have been overpaid, but he's done a solid job on offense and has actually been close to a legitimate #2 unlike Roddy last year.
Picking Taylor Gabriel off of waivers was an absolutely brilliant move.
The development of Tevin Coleman as a legitimate receiving threat as RB has been very important.

Props. It's clear that Shanahan's rep was undeserved and more due to RG3 than him. Just three moves and the development of Coleman helped to not only fix the offense, but make the offense the most dangerous in the NFL.

It's clear that Quinn is still learning and growing as a coach but the team got to where it was good enough that it was able to hide his issues most of the time. And it's clear to me that he's learning. He's better than he was last season to me.

What's going to make or break him is the development of the young players on defense. They've gotten better, but I still think they will be prone to the smart and savvy veteran QBs of the playoffs this year.

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2 minutes ago, HMFIC said:

He still needs to find a solution to stop TEs and RBs from catching passes over the middle at will. I'm no coach, but it can't be that  hard. There should be a man in that soft spot to defend against those passes, every team we have faced has taken advantage of us there.  I seldom see that as big a problem with other teams' defenses.

I think we've seen a pretty big downtrend in passes over the middle since the KC game. As it was noted in the K Neal thread.. players are looking for him before catching the ball knowing they're about to get stuck 

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