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To my TATF Brotherhood help me find 2 fans in Need

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First and foremost I ask for your honesty and integrity before reading this..


As many of you know, I live and root adamantly for our Birds from the Frozen Tundra of North Dakota! 

Many of you also know that recently I was diagnosed with a lymphoma around my eye from a post I made a little over a week ago. With that I want nothing more than to see our Falcons take home the Lombardi this season, I also know that we cannot do that without a packed stadium supporting or team.. 

Now I know that many of you out there already have tickets and I would love nothing more than to be able to attend a game with all of you, instead I'm doing the next best thing I can and giving two tickets away to someone well deserving. I have bought and paid for these 2 tickets and will be transferring them to a set of fans who are in a financial hardship, dealing with family sickness, etc..

I shared my story with all of you, I now ask that you share your story with me.. please don't lie to me, please refrain from posting if you already have tickets.. this is for people who are going through tough times or someone they know going through tough times weather that be financial or health and family struggles.. 

you can PM me, you can post on here, the only favor i ask is that you send me a small souvenir or a media guide from the playoff game in return. 

God Bless, and here's to a Happy New Year celebrating a Falcons march towards a Super Bowl 



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13 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

Thanks J, May not be the best seats in the world but 2 seats are better than None! Now pack that dome!

The board has been different this year. We have had more giveaways and posters trying to help other posters and so on. I'm glad the board was able to provide some form of support to you as you go through your challenges too.


It's been a weird season/year on here with everybody being all nice and ****. I may have to reevaluate my opinion of you **** heads after this year.


@Monoxide @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry please pin for Sker.

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Well ****! Mad props for the give away!

I am planning a much smaller thank you / give away this weekend while we all watch the wildcard games.
EDIT: Send me your address, I'll shoot you up one of the "Final Year in the Dome" souvenir cups! If you want I'll even leave some Ga Dome Coke residue in it!

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Man it's things like this when Brotherhood is not just with the team but our fellow fans. Being a Marine Corps Vet it really has been great seeing our team represent military and how the fans have been responding this season on these boards (trolls discluded). I dont post very often or have twitter but I wanted to say thanks SkerFalcon, God bless, and good luck with everything. Whoever goes better scream your *** off! I'll be representing from Charlotte and making Panthers fans cringe.

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This is a super awesome gesture Sker!!

All I want is one of the playoff towels. If anyone would be kind enough to send me a towel I would be so forever grateful. I have never had the opportunity to attend a Falcons game and would just really love to have one of those towels that they give away. Please PM me if you're interested in sending me a towel.

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Man this is one the nicest things I've seen anyone do for people they truly don't know, just share a common interest in. Just shows how far the Falcon brotherhood goes! God Bless you man. I was looking at tickets earlier and the prices are just too much, I've never been to a playoff game but I know it's gotta be electric. I think it's a special year to go too!!!B)

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