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NFL MVP tracker: Falcons' Matt Ryan decisive winner on final ballot


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USA today does a pretty good job at these type of projections. But in Matt's case it's not as close a race when you actually sit down and compare the candidates. Every year the mouthy analysts jump on the "hot" player or team. Heck. They have jumped on our bandwagon in years past, but when it comes down to actually applying criteria to the awards they usually get it fairly right.

when you see first in QB rating, second in TDs, an over 5:1 TD to int ratio and second in yards, and first in ypa and then compare it to other candidates it's not very close just in statistical comparison.

now you take team records and it's a wash when all are in playoffs. But let's bump up Brady, Zeke and Matt take that because they won their divisions.

now project Brady's stats out--not better than Matt's even with suspension. Plus you know voters take that 4 games missed in consideration.

now bump Zeke to rookie of year, or offensive player of the year, because he had a great year, but it's hard for a rb to edge an elite QB

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