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All Hail Dablatron!

PK Manley

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Anthony Dable WR 6'4 220.  Appears to be a futures deal for next year.

From when he was released from the Giants in the offseason:

Giants waived WR Anthony Dable.
A 27-year-old French national, Dable lit up the German Football League to the tune of 145 catches for nearly 2,500 yards and 32 scores over the last two seasons. He was never likely to make a roster in his first taste of NFL action, but he is an interesting even if old project for the practice squad. New York also waived WR Darius Powe. Sat, Sep 3, 2016 09:12:00 AM
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10 minutes ago, PK Manley said:

From a quick search of the board, it looks like we worked him out back in November.

He's another JJ in rangy physical structure. Hope he pans out. 6' 4" means a lotta fades and jump ball:munch:PS: He's left handed so he's a diamond in the rough: TWIN TOWERS 2.0: The NFL VERSION JJ &AD

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1 hour ago, falconidae said:

If he does well, Giants will be kicking  themselves.

Can we do that 2 years in a row? Grabbed Gabriel from the Browns last year.

Be nice to have another weapon for Ryan that didn't cost a draft pick or a massive contract.

talk about complete opposites though, I'd like to see a pic of him and gabriel standing next to each other



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29 minutes ago, Kaptain Krazy said:

Yes, the consistent dynamism of the roster, always prepared to bring in athletic players, is evidence that the front office and coaching staff never stops working to improve the team. YES.

Yep, if anything this season should show potential UDFAs (and their agents), that plan D is real.

Come in, work hard, get on the field. This staff has shown to be among the league's best at developing supposed "lower grade" talent, and turning them into quality contributors in their system.

We're turning into the NFC version on the Patriots.

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