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The hate is everywhere...but this is just funny


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7 minutes ago, fuego said:

More clueless talking head drivel. 

Yep, I really don't feed into their crap. As a Falcon fan, we should expect this. However, it is or will be fun to see all these phuckers back tracking and fumbling on their words when Ryan wins it and when we win the Super Bowl. 

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i work with a cowboys and a raiders fan. the cowboys fan told me yesterday "we will destory atlanta they have no running game.." uhhh what?

Raiders fan is actually smart and agrees we will beat the cowboys, we were looking forward to a atl/oak superbowl but obviously now im consoling him over what happened with carr lol.


some teams just have stupid fans

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I'm fu

13 hours ago, ICD said:

Me at work surrounded by Cowboys, Cardinals, and Packer fans






I have the same kind of fans! :lol:I'm on board with the Cowboys fans tho BC we both respect each others teams but the packers "fan" who is a DFW native btw says "I hope we play yall in the playoffs BC u know what happened last time!" Be careful what u wish for plus when the packers were losing he said he wasn't eve watching football BC he was all butt hurt lolol

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1 hour ago, Theyhateme : ) said:

I saw this yesterday and I immediately notice Ryan's photo being covered up by seating position of one of the panelist, but the camera has a clear view of Brady and Rodgers...LOL...but Wyche gave Ryan some love at the very end. 

Not an accident at all.  They strategically place the images and size the images to emphasize what they want.   Very well planned and thought out.

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