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When you was a Head Coach before you was a Head Coach


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24 minutes ago, The O.D.B said:

Amazing! a decade of meh and nay-sayers and now 1 great season and 4 interviews for HC. I just hope what he built can be run by someone else if he leaves. I'd love to see some of those old posts about how he's failed everywhere he's been.

I'm just going to point out this one thing... the biggest difference between THIS year, his most successful, and those OTHER years where he was widely considered an azzhole... is his move from the sidelines to the coach's box... FAR AWAY from face to face player interaction.


He might make a good Head Coach... if he becomes the first one ever to do it from the Coach's Box...

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5 hours ago, fuego said:

I was one before the season was over saying he's gone. But you know, he may just not be a good interview. You never know. But then again, they may just care what he did with the Falcons. 

dude he is gone if he want a job... the only thing that will stop him is if he doesnt think the right job is out there for him.... San Fran wanted to interview him for the HC job the year we signed him as our OC and he turned them down.


I think he doesnt want to fail so he wants the right job.


I think the Broncos is the right job IF he he think Elway will let hm do his thing

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