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Pictures I took of the halftime tribute

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The tribute gave me goosebumps. I didn't know what to expect from the fans as time led up to the halftime festivities. I was happy to see the reception Vick got yesterday. While he did do something that was horrible, he is paying his debts to society. The excitement he brought to this franchise/city can't be voided or forgotten


With that being said.Mr.Ryan is the truth and will lead us to a superb owl or 2

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Great pics! Happy to see Norwood, Tuggle, and Haynes there!

We are in a great time and I'm glad we are not to sully this moment by a decade long grudge.

Cheers to a Super Bowl and a new era in Falcons football. It's a great deal to bring the previous players along for the ride. This could be poetic when we look back on the season and I hope NFL Films caught this for our Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl video!

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51 minutes ago, DirdieBirdieIndie said:

Tandy, this is awesome. I don't know that the Falcons posted some great pix on the website too. Our young players meeting our legends... love it.




Willy Mo and Neal.

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2 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

Mike Kenn was in the #78 jersey. That was June Jones in the Hawaiian shirt.

Thanks. I have a JJ autographed picture from his HC days. I met a RB from Hawaii who played for him, we were coworkers for Enterprise ROC, he was office worker while I was a car prep and substitute teacher in Richmond. He said Jones was classy and had a great offensive mind. Glad Jones has succeeded in the college ranks. PS: Saw your Twitter pic, for some reason I thought you were an OG like me:lol:

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