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Broncos Seek Permission To Talk to Shanahan

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29 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

In a separate post (I have a Sunday quota to fill), the procedures for pursuing a coach under contract with another NFL team will be explained. Bottom line: It can happen, if the coach of a current team truly wants out and if his current employer is willing to let it happen, in exchange for appropriate compensation.

Depending if Shanny is still under contract with us

It doesn't matter if he's under contract if it's a promotion to head coach.  It happens every year with coordinators and no one gets any compensation for it.

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It's weird being on the other side of this. Seems like only yesterday we were requesting interviews. Back then Mr Blank was ridiculed for forming a search committee, but he deserves a lot of credit for his patience and doing his due diligence in selecting DQ and Kyle. This could be the beginning of something really special.

I watched America's Game for the 2001 Patriots. In a lot of ways that team reminds me of the 2016 Falcons, especially the way they came together and forged a close-knit camaraderie and team atmosphere much like DQ's brotherhood mantra.

Interestingly, the 2001 Patriots also finished with an 11-5 record. That season, they actually played and lost a close game to the Rams in the regular season, whom they later beat in their first Super Bowl win. It's very possible that if we do advance to the Super Bowl, we will play a team we've already challenged and lost to in the regular season. I believe that team is none other than the Kansas City Chiefs.


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4 hours ago, Anthony Planet said:

Looks like the only way Shanny will be here next year is if he has all horrible interviews.

If The Falcons lose in The Divisional Round..



Then, his success here will be seen as a "fluke", or the NFL beat reporters will claim that "He's not ready or focused".

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