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Divisonal Round, game is on Saturday at 4:35pm


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2 minutes ago, rogueleadersf said:

So it looks like we will be playing on Saturday the 14th in the late afternoon. Me, personally, will be at work till 6pm and think this sucks,would rather it be a Sunday game,but regardless,


Who would you guys prefer out opponent be?

Packers, Giants, Seahawks or Lions all work for me.

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My dream scenario, Giants beat the Pack and then go on to face Dallas, Lions get beat by the Hags and we face them at  the dome. I am almost torn between hoping the Giants beat Dallas so we can host the NFC championship or Dallas winning and us going to Jerry world for the NFC championship, the Giants and Packers are teams I really don't want to see

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18 minutes ago, 4dabirds said:

I'm thinking we end up with Detroit.

We can't get Detroit, if they win, they go to Dallas.

edit:  didn't see the 6 posts correcting this, lol.  Technically, we can get Detroit, but they have to beat Seahawks and Cowboys. 

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2 minutes ago, Riseup Avenger (JB Hendu) said:

I was there pal. We FEASTED on those feathered rats in the first half, let them back in the game in the second half, BUT ULTIMATELY, we beat them and thats all that mattered

 Very similar to yesterday's game.

we just don't learn.

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