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top 5 qbs this year to me


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5. Drew Brees- Brees is near 40 and still makes some throws very few qbs can make in the world. Is he a stat padder sure, but dude is one of the top 5 best qbs to ever play the game and if your a true football fan I dont see how you can deny it.

4. Dak Prescott-  A rookie who is playing out his mind, He is a really good, yes he has a good o line and run game, but his decision making is top notch and he never hit a rookie wall, een with pressuremounting form crazy jerry jones.

3. Derek Carr- I know he broke his leg and only played 15 games, but was he playing out of his mind good. I love it when the raiders are good bc they are just fun to watch.

2. Tom Brady- He missed the first 4 games and the pats went 3-1 without him, but we all know he would have played great those first 4 games, he is not the mvp this yr but to me is the best qb to ever play the game now. to me it goes brady, Montana, and Johhny Unitas.

1. Matt Ryan- MVP MVP MVP lol yall all know the stats and what he did this yr and how he finished the yr with 11 tds to 0 ints.


Honorable mention

Aaron Rodgers- I almost put him at number 5 but couldnt do it bc we cant pretend his first 6 to 8 games did not count. He looked bad and played bad but if someone has him at 5 or maybe 4 I wouldnt argue much.

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