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1 minute ago, EZfalcons said:

Either the Giants or the Packers will be knocked out before we play a game in the playoffs:slick:

And we're almost definitely going to face the Seahawks, can't see them losing against this Lions team at home...though there's no point counting the chickens before etc etc.

Feeling good about this team. Beating the Seahawks in our house would be poetic justice. We'll see it as a revenge game for earlier in the year, they will for the 2012 playoff game.

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17 minutes ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Detroit is one dimensional...and with dislocated  finger Stafford aint lightin up Seahags defense.

Get ready for Julio vs Sherman part deux

Their playcalling is atrocious. Reminds me of us with Dirk Koetter. Even with Zach Zenner looking good, they just bail on the run completely in the 2nd half of games. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

6 runs with Zenner in the 2nd half. SIX.

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Detroit has looked bad lately. Seattle is **** to play at home and it's going to be a chilly night game. Can't see Detroit coming out with that win. They just don't do anything offensively that can threaten Seattle.

on the flip side regarding a matchup with Atlanta, Seattle has been starting really slow lately. San Fran went up 14-3 on them today. That terrible San Francisco offense, if they had any cohesion could have blown that game wide open.

Bobby Wagner is playing the best football of his career. That defense is still elite, but they're missing something with Earl out. Their seams in that intermediate area seem be vulnerable. They had a couple of wide open receivers in the middle of the field today.

Ill never say I like a matchup with that defense in the playoffs, especially with a healthy Michael bennett, but they can be had. They've never been more vulnerable.

Seattle's offensive line is still garbage and they get stuck in neutral a lot. Long stretches without moving the ball. That's not a good recipe vs Atlanta.

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I want Seattle. Been saying it for weeks now. Wanted them in Seattle. Now I want them in Atlanta. I don't care. We owe their assess. Several. 

New York can't score points. Their defense is good, but I see no problem playing the Giants. Especially at home. 

Detroit lol

Green Bay is the toughest match up solely because of Rodgers. BUT! We beat them in the Dome and our defense has seem to found a rhythm since then. Plus, the Packers let the Titans hang 47 points on them. Come on. Rodgers is hot, but it helps to play five of your last six against the likes of Osweiler, Wentz, Barkley, Bradford, and Stafford. 

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