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Matt Ryan finished 17th in Passing Attempts


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Think about that for a second. 16 other QBs passed the ball more than Matt Ryan. And yet here are his stats as I posted in another thread. If he doesn't win MVP the NFL is a joke.

#3 in Completion %
#2 in Yards
#1 or 2 (Depending on Rodgers tonight) in TDs
#1 in YPA
#1 in QB Rating
#2 in 20+ yard plays
#1 in 40+ yard plays
#1 in Yards per Play
#1 Scoring Offense in NFL and 7th All-Time

NFL record 13 TDs to 13 different players
One of 3 QBs to have 35+ TDs and <10 Interceptions (Brady, Rodgers)
Highest YPA in NFL History with 400+ attempts
1 of 5 QBs to have 115+ QB Rating with 400+ attempts  (All others won MVP)

11-5 Record and all this while having a bottom 5 Scoring Defense AND playing a top 5 Hardest Schedule (Was hardest till the final 4 games against sub .500 teams)

NFL MVP in a Landslide victory.

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Brady missed 4 games. His team went 3-1 without him. Even when you project out his stats to 16 games he finishes with a worse comp. %, yards, TDs, YPA and QB Rating. Only thing he had him beat in is INTs. Ryan also outplayed Brady in common opponents.

Rodgers was ghost for 8 weeks, lost H2H to Ryan and his team has a worse record. Stats wise the only advantage in Rodgers favor is total TDs (Rodgers has 40 coming into tonight's game vs Detroit, Has 2 so far putting him at 42). Everything else Ryan leads. They are tied in Interceptions at 7.

Dak doesn't even compare. Waste of time.

Elliot is running behind the best O-Line in football. Stop.

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