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Anyone else scared?


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5 minutes ago, Subliminal said:

The 2nd half of that game freaked me out, lots of similarities to the days of smittyball. Am I the only one here who's scared?

Yeah got pretty ugly....actually silly. But you have to understand...everything is a matter of perspective. I'm happy they won....not as happy as I was watching the first half happy.....but a lot of us old farts have seen the real ugly side of this team and we always get nervous. Like a horse that hears a horse fly nervous.

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59 minutes ago, red falcon said:

I just don't want to face Roger's. Sure his defense is trash but he always seems to be able to make a play. I hope Detroit wins tonight. 

I agree with this. Personally I'd like to face Seattle first - not because I don't think we could win any match-up we get but hey, who wouldn't take Wilson and that O-line over Rodgers, Manning, or Stafford. 

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