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To all my native Atlantan Falcon fans 40 and older...

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11 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Born in Atlanta Georgia at McClendon Hospital two miles west of the Dome.

Grew up in Atlanta off Simpson in the Dixie Hills, Collier Heights, Anderson Park, Mosley Park, Grove Park area.

Lived in Atlanta on the west side, midtown, Virginia Highland, Stone Mountain, Cascade and South Cobb area.

Probably die in the Atlanta area. Hopefully after I get some rest.

Notice he didn't give a year...lol

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On 1/1/2017 at 6:44 PM, stlouisfalcon said:

We are a unique group and know some real pain. This is a potentially historic time (you know why I say "potentially"). I was born in SWATS at Holy Family Hospital and raised in Decatur on McAfee Rd. Where are you from?!?!?

I was born in South Atlanta @ Grady hospital.  Raised up on the east (East Atlanta), west (Simpson and Troy) and south side (Summerhill and South Atlanta).

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1 hour ago, Tandy said:

Born in Georgia Baptist and went to Roosevelt High School and UGA.

Lived in Georgia growing up, but I've lived also in Tennessee, Florida and California.

I've been a Falcons fan since the beginning - and I'll die a Falcons fan.

You went to Roosevelt?  Wow...I went to Price High...small world.

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58 minutes ago, newgafatboy said:

Villa Rica, Ga.  1966.... so technically i've been around as long as our bird have...the running back on my little electric football game was Bubba Bean but that was before they drafted William Andrews...heck i was 10 .... i didn't know any better.

Bubba Bean and Haskel Stanback remember them well 

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On 1/1/2017 at 7:53 PM, fuego said:

Been a fan since the beginning. Born in Crawford Long Hospital downtown. A true Atlantan.

Just to add, raised in College Park (born in '56). Went to Northcutt/North Clayton schools. The first 3 houses I lived in are gone due to the airport. Two are under the airport and one was moved. 

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8 hours ago, Theyhateme : ) said:

If ANYONE remembers Sears in the West End and on Ponce...you might be "old-school" Atlien...:D...myself included...

I remember Ponce well,  used to walk the tracks back home to Little 5 points,  used to throw rocks thru the windows of what is now called Masquerade,  and found a dead wino right about where The jimmy Carter center is.


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