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Vick in the dome.

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8 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

What could have been had he been committed to football. Arguably most physically gifted football player in history.

Go YouTube Michael Vick college highlights.

You'll laugh at how Vick was on such a different level than the other guys in college

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3 minutes ago, Jailbreak Blitz said:

Pisses me off how far we got in 2004 without him really giving a ****.  We win it all by 2007 if he was serious.

Exactly. That's why I still don't care for him. He paid his dues for the Dog thing. But he can never repay the fans or his teammates for his lack of effort in being prepared for games. Think of what kind of player he could have been with Ryan's work ethic. Makes me sick to think about it!

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7 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

I could give a sht less if he is back. (Not mad he is there, but just could care less)

Sad thing is after what he put this team through he will likely get a bigger ovation than the players we have now who are actually committed to the team. 

I think he gets some boos actually. But he was one of the most popular players ever. So he will get some cheers

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Vick was the king of the city and he knew it.

I'll never forget freezing at a practice the after the Falcons beat GB at Lambeau. Whole crowd was cheering for Vick while the rest of the team had already took the field. Dude came out, did the minimum and left. The majority of his teammates stuck around to sign stuff and interact with fans. Little me tried to slap Allen Rossum on the helmet but dude swayed away lol.

Vick just didn't have a guy on his team to set him straight most likely. Everyone around him were likely yes men.

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