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Alien Covenant trailer


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6 hours ago, Sturgil Simpson said:

I had hopes this was going to be a sequel to Prometheus. Really wanted to see Shaw and David go explore the engineers home planet. 

 this is the first movie of a triology that will take us into the very first Alien movie.  dr. shaw is back for a few scenes so she doesn't last long.  the trailer looks great minus that shower scene.  I am a huge aliens fan and we are going to see more than chestbursters in this movie and another way for people to get infected.  i don't want to give anymore spoilers, but the stuff i am hearing about it really gets me excited.. I have been waiting for this trailer and I am sure the next few trailers they release especially the international trailer will give us some more stuff.  the cool thing right after this movie they are working on Alien 5 which will follow the events after Aliens.  They would have already had come out with it, but it was put on hold for Alien Covenant.

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