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Who here has actually met a former Falcons player or current player? who was it and were they nice or unpleasant?

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4 hours ago, gradybaby33 said:

I met big play ray, maybe 2 years after he retired. He was broke and fidgety. Not sure what had become of him. He brought his Jeep Cherokee to my brother's detail shop and barely could afford to get a 20$ exterior wash. He seemed to be coming down off of something. Sad situation he was one of my favorites

I had a friend I've since lost touch with, that new RB somehow, and said that he had a thing for prescription meds. I can't say that this is true or not, because it is complete hearsay. I hope he is not broke and with issues like that, but he was was living rather large when they featured him on MTV Cribs.

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Ive had the opportunity to meet a lot of players through work ...

Julio was ok. He knows hes a big deal, so he tries to private. Not ruse at all, just cautious. He showed more personality when I met He, Roddy, Jenkins and Douglas all at the same time.

Matt Ryan was very nice. Autographed a jersey for me and didnt seem to mind one bit.

William Moore was really nice. I told him how much I enjoyed watching him play and I could tell he actually appreciated that.

DiMarco is really nice. This was 2 years ago so I think he was a bit shocked I knew who he was.

Met Jalen Collins right after he was drafted. He took a picture with my Son and I. He hadnt even played a NFL game yet, so he was very nice.

Walked up to DQ shortly after he was hired to shake his hand and welcome him to Atlanta. Wasnt a long conversation, but he did shake my hand and say he was excited to be a part of the organization.

TD acts a bit too cool for school. He was on hos cell phone almost the entire time, so he was probably working. Least approachable person in the organization i have been face to face with.

Blank is a true business person. Hand shake, thanks for being a fan, next ....

Finneran ive met a few times. Extremely nice. He actually looked me up on LinkedIn shortly after meeting with once. Definitely a fan favorite.

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I have met many falcons but my best memory was back in 93 playing high school football in dekalb county and FSU was recruiting 2 kids from Dunwoody High school that night, we were playing dunwoody and the 2 kids names were travis stroud and rod perryman, both would play at uga but anyway bobby bowden sent deon sanders to talk to these kids before and after the game, well at halftime we were getting murdered 35-0 and deon came into our locker room with andre rison, chris hinton, jaime dukes, and a few others and i was star struck, go to talk with them all it was great 

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I've met quite a few of the players and coaches over the years between camps, games, events, etc. Finneran and DeCoud were probably the most personable and down to earth out of all of them. 

However, the one that sticks out the most is my mother meeting Mike Smith. It was a few years back during training camp and all the rookies were at the PGA Tour Superstore with some of the coaches. Smitty was kind of out of the way demoing clubs and we were reluctant to walk over to him, as we didn't want to bother the man. We finally went over and he dropped everything, and he signed my hat. The kicker was when the sharpie my mother gave him to sign a Falcons picture didn't work and she was really embarrassed and told him not to worry about it. He got one of the employees to find us one and he patiently waited a few minutes with us while talking about the team. He was also gushing over the picture mom had as he hadn't seen a collage like that before. 

He was genuinely patient and friendly with us the entire time and I can see why alot of the players really liked him.

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15 hours ago, pa_falcon_fan said:

I have met many players over the years.  Matty Ice is one of the nicest, most fan friendly guys.  Patrick Kerney was awesome.  Weatherspoon is a trip.  Keith Brooking was kind of a jerk.  Vick just didn't seem to care.  



I met Brooking and Urlacher(they are buddies)....Brooking is as expected, Urlacher was cool though.

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12 hours ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

Met Nobis a few years ago, he about broke my hand

i live in Flowery Branch so I see the players here and there. Bumped into Brent Grimes and Chris Houston at Target of all places

Lol about Nobis. I forgot to mention that same thing when I met him too. For an old guy he sure did have a freakishly mean grip. 

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I have met most of them, and they almost all have better more pleasant personalities than people you would meet on the street. Many of them hugged my wife, and just went out of their way to be friendly. The Falcons have to be one of the nicest teams in the NFL.

Had an unpleasant experience with Franks from Oklahoma. My came up to him and said "who are you", and he came back with "I'm nobody, just nobody". Of course I recognized him and stroked his ego a little, but he was cut shortly after that.

Also, the absolute most unsocial Falcon had to Biermann! We went to a function and he would not speak to anyone he did not know, not even when spoken to. My wife and I both came away saying he was thorough A-hole! 

Another moment came when a family member of some close friends, was pulled over by Matt Ryan on the interstate (not smart). It turned out he like the jazzed-up mustang the kid was driving and wanted to make him an offer for it. The kid said he did not want to sell it, they both chatted for a minute and then drove off.

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