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Miller on Beasley and Sack Crown


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4 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

I think it was....as to say....our game is so similar. ..that's the only way to tell us apart....

You can take off your cringe face for now...lol

Could have been a sneak dis. 



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2 minutes ago, Godzilla1985 said:

Remember when some folks on here made fun of him when he compared himself to Von Miller last year?


Que the Tobey Keith song "How Do Ya Like Me Now?!"

Seeing as he's a country music fan that's probably the exact song he would choose.



Actually he'd probably just thank his teammates because he's just that kind of dude.

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41 minutes ago, Tim Mazetti said:

"His game is similar to mine," Miller said. "The only thing is, he’s light-skinned with braids...." WTF?

The greatest line of 2016... Y'all hearing the best rusher in the league say our young rusher is similar and y'all making a big deal out of a lil side joke

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6 minutes ago, PK Manley said:

Love that he looks up to Von and that there's mutual respect.  I remember this from after the Broncos game (also the game where he really started beasting it)


And they both are not fond of Cam Newton.  Remember the gif of Cam Newton playing water polo with Von coming in to strip sack him?

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