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What is to stop the Atlanta Falcons from dominating the NFC South for the next 5 years?

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All of our core pieces are relatively young.

Matt Ryan - 31

Devonta Freeman - 24

Teco - 23

Julio - 27

Sanu - 27

Gabriel - 25

Mack - 31

Matthews - 24

Trufant - 26

Collins - 24

Rocky - 28

Neal - 21

Debo - 22

Beasley - 24


There are so many key positions we won't have to touch for numerous years. QB, WR, CB, SS, LT, C, RB, all are locked down for years. CB and WR depth are so important and we have tons of it.


There are only a few key contributors to lock up after the season. Patrick Dimarco must be re-signed, Allen and Gabriel are both restricted free agents so I doubt they go anywhere, after that, mainly depth players.

We will have to address the Desmond Trufant contract before 2018. He's the only high priced contract coming up for at least a few years.


We're sitting at roughly 24 mil in cap space for the 2017 season with very players to re-sign. We will have plenty of flexibility to continue addressing the front 7, much like Seattle did when they built their secondary and then brought in Bennett and Avril.


We have the #1 offense in the NFL and it's coming back for 2017 completely intact or very close.


The #1 question of the entire offseason? Does Kyle Shanahan stay in Atlanta? I believe he does for a few reasons


Stability - This is something Kyle has never had as he's bounced around a bunch of garbage organizations who are on the coaching carousal every other year. There is stability in the coaching staff and in the owner. Those who have it know not to take it for granted.

Mercedez-Benz Stadium - Who doesn't want to play and coach in a brand new state of the art stadium

Matt Ryan - Kyle Shanahan isn't leaving Matty Ice to go play with Jared Goff after years of being seen as inept because of horrid quarterbacks. He's a young guy and will continue to build his resume with Matt.

Julio Jones - Who would want to leave the best receiver in the NFL in his prime?


I just don't think there's a job opening that is going to be more lucrative than what he already has in Atlanta.


Most importantly, we have a GM that knows how to build the bottom of the roster as well with free agent role players like the brilliant trade for OG Andy Levitre, Muhammad Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Dwight Freeney  ect

Also developmental draft picks like Jalen Collins, Austin Hooper, Deion Jones ect

Do I believe the rest of the NFC South can get better? YES

But will it be enough? DEBATABLE

If Matt Ryan can continue to play at an MVP level this young team is going to be tough to beat in 2017, 2018 and longer.


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  • Coaching changes
  • Injuries to stars
  • Development of other NFC South teams

There are just so many variables. Carolina looked as good this time last year than we look now. They let a star DB walk away. In my opinion, we are likely to make the same decision. You just never know how things are going to work out.  

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Tru ain't goin nowhere. DiMarco will be retained. Gabriel will be a priority in the near future as well. Players will want to come here in FA. Our influx of savvy vet signings mixed with the youth on our roster is perfect. Our D is so young, they will only get better a better but we have all the key pieces to be great minus a pass rusher to pair opposite VB44, a stud FS, and a penetrating 3 tech on the DL. We could use a RG, but Chester has been a serviceable stopgap. The future is bright for sure. 

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I think Shanny may stay too. He'd have to have a perfect situation after his history prior to coming here. He's got it real good with Matty Ice, all these wonderful chess pieces and TD stocking the roster full of talent.

I also am not sure he's head coach material. Big difference between being a brilliant OC and a successful head coach in this league. He'll probably get a head coaching gig but I'm not so sure his skill set is a match for HC. 

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5 hours ago, notthatcool said:

It's the NFL. Very hard to "dominate."  


I do think with Quinn and front office in place we could be a very stable franchise for years to come. 

1/32 probability... i.e. the Pats... yeah we don't have great chances, but as Han Solo (RIP) once said, never tell me the odds.

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58 minutes ago, GhostofGritz said:

Things that can't be predicted: Injuries to key players, whiffs on draft picks, free agents who don't perform well.

I've watched enough football over the years to know it's hard to predict what will happen in seasons to come. 

I strongly believe though that the Falcons have finally set themselves up structurally to make the bad things listed above less likely to happen.

The only one I completely agree with is the injuries. There are teams that draft much better than others, and we are one of them now. Every team misses here and there, but the good ones get contributers every year. These same good teams pick and choose on UFA and mainly use it for one or two key guys (selectively) then fill out the back end of the roster at team freindly deals. 

The teams that are at the top (continuously) seem to do both of those things well. 

As you said, injuries cannot be predicted, but the real good teams still are competitive because they draft depth well. Obviously minus NE losing the QB usually changes everything.

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5 minutes ago, etherdome said:

What is to stop the Falcons from dominating the NFC South for the next 5 years?

Arrogance, Complacency, and Injuries.  Throw in a dash of poor draft choices and unwise FA splashes and you have the makings of an epic fall.  

C'mon now, we are talking about the future of the falcons, not the present of the panthers :D

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The salary cap, free agency, coaches leaving, poor draft position, injuries and other teams who want to win just as much as we do.

I like where we are, but the NFL is set up to prevent teams from dominating for long periods of time and to create parity. Things can change very quickly in the NFL.

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