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In Denmark we also vote for Matt Ryan as MVP


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5 hours ago, AndySG said:

As a British fan, I always love the stories of fans from across the globe!


You'll enjoy hearing this.  I went to the Falcons/9ers game a couple of weeks ago.  I took MARTA in and out.  After the game I was waiting at the 5 Points MARTA station along with a bunch of Falcons fans for the next train back to my car. There was the most obnoxious (& obviously drunk) 9ers doosh all decked out with a 9ers helmet wearing a 9ers blanket as a cape.  He was yelling and walking around going "Falcons win a game that don't matter!!!! We own you.  You aint ****!!" Making everyone really uncomfortable. 


Finally this big guy with the heaviest British accent stands up and yells "AT LEAST WE HAVE A REAL "QUART-A" BACK!  SEE YA IN DA PLAYOFFS...OH SCRATCH DAT....YA AINT GOING?" 

We all cheered.  Guy was awesome!  I have met quite a few Britsh Falcons fans over the years.

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