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NFL MVP Award & Top 15 Scoring Teams in History


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There's been 100 threads about Matt's chance at an MVP & 100 threads about the Falcons' world-class offense -- but where do the two subjects intersect historically?

Let's look at the scoring teams (total points on the year) currently ahead of the Falcons, regular season records & corresponding MVP:

01 2013 Denver Broncos (13-3) - Peyton Manning wins MVP

02 2007 New England Patriots (16-0) - Tom Brady wins MVP

03 2011 Green Bay Packers (15-1) - Aaron Rodgers wins MVP

04 2012 - New England Patriots (12-4) - Adrian Peterson wins MVP

05 1998 Minnesota Vikings (15-1) - Terrell Davis wins MVP

06 2011 New Orleans Saints (13-3) - Aaron Rodgers wins MVP

07 2000 St. Louis Rams (10-6) - Marshall Faulk wins MVP

08 1999 St. Louis Rams (13-3) - Kurt Warner wins MVP

09 2004 Indianapolis Colts (12-4) - Peyton Manning wins MVP

10 2010 New England Patriots (14-2) - Tom Brady wins MVP

11 2011 New England Patriots (13-3) - Aaron Rodgers wins MVP

12 2009 New Orleans Saints (13-3) - Peyton Manning wins MVP

13 1994 San Francisco 49ers (13-3) - Steve Young wins MVP

14 2001 St. Louis Rams (14-2) - Kurt Warner wins MVP

Out of the 14 teams currently ahead of the 2016 Falcons in total points, 9 of them had the NFL MVP come from said offense.

Only 3 of these teams had their QB beat out by a different QB for the MVP award -- both Drew Brees & Tom Brady got usurped by Aaron Rodgers in 2011 & Brees (again) got beaten out by Manning in 2009.

In the 5 instances where the MVP didn't play on the Top 15 offense, the MVP's stats were mostly SO GAUDY that it would have been hard to ignore them: Rodgers' 45 TD & 122.5 passer rating in 2011 & Peterson's 2100 yards in 2012.

Only once has a QB of a Top 15 scoring offense lost to another QB with inferior stats -- 2009 Brees losing to Manning.

One thing that could ding Ryan = only one squad had a worse overall record than the Falcons can end up with next week & that 10-6 Rams team didn't even have their QB win MVP -- their running back won.

The conclusion I draw from all of this is -- If Matt Ryan has a clean day next Sunday & the Falcons end up in the Top 10 in scoring all-time at 11-5 with a #2 seed & Ryan still loses the MVP it will mostly be due to "Brees vs. Manning 2009" level bias, which would actually make a ton of sense seeing as how the NFC south simply doesn't have much national clout which assuredly cost Brees in 2009 and 2011. Especially if Ryan loses to someone like Aaron Rodgers, who will end up with comparable stats but a worse team record.

Another note: Matt Ryan is currently ranked 5th in Single Season Passer Rating All-Time at 115.5. Out of the other 9 QB's on that list, only 2 didn't win the MVP the coinciding year: Nick Foles in 2013 & Tony Romo in 2014 and neither played in all 16 games.

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