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Tight or Loose?...Officiating that is! F2F Fund...Go Fund'em


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How do we assume the officiating will play out this Sunday in Atlanta? 

I feel it will be loose, especially on the PI calls. The refs will most likely let them slide early but will make some key calls lake in the game! So, do your Sherman hooks early and they won't be called!

Hits to the QB will be loosely called, and look for Brees to whine like Cam Newton after Beasley hits him a few times. Remember we owe them for a few late tags on Matt over the last few years...most recently Vacarro, the punk.

So, since we want our guys playing with attitude and fire, they can't be fearing flags and fines...thus, we need to establish a flags to fine fund for these guys.,,after all Lombardi's don't come easy, or cheap! 

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That title though..............

Anyways last game of the season, and it is a Rivalry should be a classic in regards to people screaming at top of lungs for blown calls. 

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