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Let's Watch Condensed Falcons-Saints Game From Week 3 To See What Mistakes Need Corrected


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Man, I knew we won that game and was still nervous watching it. lol.

It looked bad at first, the Saints scoring with ease on their first drive. Heavy dose of Teco to start that game. Had 3 TDs. I just wish Freeman had scored on that long run at the end of the game but was stopped right before the goal line. I think we ran once and then kneeled. Coulda put up a 50 burger if he'd scored. Gonna be a good game the second time around. 

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Our defense was a lot younger in that game than they are now, mentally speaking. We weren't lining up on time. Our rookies weren't diagnosing things as fast (They were biting on playaction and draw plays a lot). Passrush wasn't great because Vic hadn't flipped his switch yet. I think we've corrected a lot of issues we had in that game. 

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On 12/27/2016 at 4:16 PM, Atlfalcons08 said:



Let's watch the condensed version of the game, and point out which mistakes need to be corrected.

Enjoyed watching that game again --- thanks for posting!  I didn't see very many mistakes by the Falcons. 
I don't think the Aints get that draw going again, when we play them this time. 
Nice sack by Trufant, though --- too bad he won't have a chance to do that again. 
And it was a hoot to see Ryan decide to duck, instead of taking on that DLineman.  LOL!!! 


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