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2 hours ago, likeriver said:

Attitude/Winning Culture.

I think I remember Tony Gonzalez once saying in an interview something like this: if you played in the NFL, it didn't matter whether you were a 1st round pick or a UDFA, the best of the best will be those who put in the most work to be the best. Lazy 1st rounders will become irrelevant, and dedicated/determined 7th round picks can become HoFer's. The difference between the best and the worst in the NFL is smaller than we think, so the best in the end are the ones who go the extra mile.

I look at this team and see a rare group. So many players, from Julio to UDFA's like Brian Poole, all striving for perfection. No self-centered drama queens. If you look around the NFL you'll see how rare this is. I mentioned this a while back, but there's only one other team I can think of that has a similar culture with its players: the Patriots.

Interestingly enough, someone posted a chart a couple days ago titling all the different super bowl matchup scenarios. The NE vs. ATL matchup was called "Belichick vs. Spawn of Belichick". So it appears I'm not the only one who has noticed this similarity. I don't think we're becoming the Seahawks of the NFC South, I think we're on the path to becomingn the Patriots of the NFC. Of course, time may tell a different story, but I firmly believe we might be on the verge of a golden era under Quinn. 

This it? Yea, Man, I know it is.

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