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Top 5 Rushing Offense?


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I was just looking and the Falcons have a legit shot at finishing in the top 5 in rushing yards this season.

  1. Bills - 170.8 YPG
  2. Cowboys - 154.5 YPG
  3. Titans - 138.9 YPG
  4. 49ers - 130.5 YPG
  5. Raiders - 124.3 YPG
  6. Texans - 120.9 YPG
  7. Falcons - 119.1 YPG

Falcons aren't catching the top 4 teams but they've got a legit shot at passing the Raiders and Texans. Here's why. Falcons are running the ball extremely well right now.

  • vs. SF - 41 CAR, 248 YDS (6.0), 3 TD (32nd defensively)
  • at CAR - 24 CAR, 152 YDS (6.3), 1 TD (4th defensively)

The Saints defense is actually pretty good against the run. They're giving up just 98.9 YPG on the ground this season. But in the first meeting against the Saints the Falcons ran it down their throats.

  • at NO - 31 CAR, 217 YDS (7.0), 3 TD (13th defensively)

The other thing that will help the Falcons is that the Raiders are without Derek Carr and the Broncos will be very focused on trying to shutdown the Raiders run game and seeing if Matt McGloin can beat them. The thing that will help the Raiders is that the Broncos run defense this year is horrible. They're giving up 135.2 YPG (29th defensively) on the ground. So even if the Broncos go all in to stop the run they still might not be able to because they haven't shown it this season.

The Texans are facing one of the best run defenses in the NFL. The Titans ran 5th best against the run giving up just 91.1 YPG.

So it might not happen but the chance for it to happen is incredible. A season with a top 5 passing, top 5 rushing and the #1 scoring offense in the entire NFL? Holy crap what a season!!

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4 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

Just remembered that I created this thread and the Falcons did it!! Top 5 rushing offense!

  • Points Per Game - 33.8 (1st)
  • Total Yards Per Game - 415.8 (2nd)
  • Passing Yards Per Game - 295.3 (3rd)
  • Rushing Yards Per Game - 120.5 (5th)

Some worried abt SEA controlling the clock. Guess who can throw up points quickly AND control the clock with the run game now?! Atlanta! This offense has only gotten better since that Philly game. Taking better care of the ball since the KC game. We got this. 

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