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A Potential Playoff Scenario


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If we win next week and secure the #2 seed, that means our first playoff game will be at home.

Dallas has already secured the #1 seed, which means they have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

If Dallas wins their first playoff game, we will meet them in the NFCCG at Dallas. Dallas also is a dome-team.

If we beat Dallas and make it to the Super Bowl, it's in the Houston Texans field, which is also a dome.

There's a good chance we could maintain dome-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

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Sounds good to me. But something tells me that the NFCCG is going to be held in the Georgia Dome. I just have this feeling that Dallas is going to lose. But if we have to go that route, we got this. Not sure if they will get to meet the Giants, but I feel Green Bay or Seattle could beat them as well. 

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7 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

If we beat the Saints there is no way for us to play anywhere other than a dome.


Yup. The only team we could possibly play outdoors at this point is Seattle based on seeding -- so basically, if we don't want to (possibly) play in Seattle in the playoffs & we want to stay in a dome, win Sunday.

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12 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

Falcons finished road record @ 6-2 and we are 4-3 at home.  Come again about dome-field advantage?

Where were the 6 wins and 2 losses?

Because road doesn't necessarily mean away from DOME. If he had said HOME then you would be right regardless.

You could be right...I'm just sayin.

Looks like just Saints and Cardinals. I always think of Rams in dome but in their temporary crib.

So that's 6 wins in a dome.

4 wins outside.

3 losses in a dome.

2 losses outside a dome


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