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Question about seeding


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So it looks as though Atlanta will get the #2 seed with a win at home over N'awllins.

However....what if Detroit beats Dallas and then GB too? 

They would then be 11-5 with a 9-3 conf record just like the Falcons.

Common opponents looks like a 4-1 tie so then it goes to strength of victory.

So with strength of victory....you look at the winning % of teams you beat.

That looks to me that it is very close and could go wither way but it will most likely be the determining factor.

I think the Falcons could probably beat Detroit at there place(3 vs 2...assuming a 1st round win)...but the bye is going to be key for this team.

We need Julio and Neal to be healthy....plus a host of other players as well.

Anyhow....if someone could clear this up for me...I'd appreciate it. I think we gotta pull for the C-Boys tomorrow night? Then the G-dome will be rocking this Sunday for sure!

It looks to me that 3 wins in a row and the Falcons are in the super bowl. That is certainly dooable based on what I have been seeing the last half of this season.






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