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Looking ahead to Week 17 and beyond

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What a freaking miracle for us that Arizona was able to win in Seattle. Because there is no way that Seattle was going to lose to San Francisco next week. If Arizona had not won that game, we had no chance of securing a first round bye.  Now, basically the first round bye is ours if we can win at home against New Orleans. 

 I think the first round bye is so huge. Firstly, it would give us some time for Julio and others to get healthier. Secondly, it will reduce the number of games we would need to win to make the Super Bowl from 3 to 2.  And finally it would ensure we only have to potentially play on the road if we meet Dallas in the Conference championship...rather than facing two games on the road.

Right now, there are some hot teams that will probably make the wildcard. Teams like the Giants and the Packers.  Those are not gonna be easy teams to play. We very well may have to play one of them anyway in our first game if they are able to win their first playoff game. But to have an extra week to rest, heal, and prepare will be huge.

After losing some close games in terrible ways (no call at Seattle, that horror ending against Kansas City, and giving up the big lead against SD), it would be so clutch to get a first round bye. This is a great offense. They can put up 30 against almost anybody. The defense has been coming up with enough stops and turnovers to let our offense do what they do. We've got a chance...

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New Orleans has a great offense and would love nothing more than to ruin our first round bye dreams. But, I think their defense is even worse than ours. Our offense is even better than theirs. We beat them the first game (on the road). And not only are we at home this game, it's the last game in the Georgia Dome. I certainly don't want to jinx it. But I'm cautiously optimistic. As a long tine Falcons fan, that's the best you can hope for.

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