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Will the last game in the Georgia Dome be the NFC Championship Game?

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Yeah, I know I'm counting chickens from eggs that haven't even been laid yet, nevermind hatched. However, if the Falcons beat the Saints on January 1 (the last regular season game in the Georgia Dome) they will secure the #2 Seed in the NFC playoffs. As probably we all know, the Dallas Cowboys have already secured the #1 Seed, but the Cowboys are not invincible. If the Cowboys lose their Divisional game and the Falcons win theirs, then, of course, the NFC Championship game will be played in the Georgia Dome.
No, it's not a scenario I would bet my paycheck on, but it'd be nice to send the 'ole Georgia Dome out on a major up note, especially if the Falcons move on to the Super Bowl. It ... could ... happen.

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I said last week while we had the rash of scenario posts expecting us to lose at least one,  I said if we just take care of business the 2 seed is the scenario we should be contemplating.   This day almost could have not have been better.   I cannot think of a more prophetic send off than to walk out the dome's final game as NFC Champs. 

I hate my phone's autocorrect. 

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A cool moment would be to win the NFC Championship and they start turning the lights off as the Fans are walking out the Dome. Send the amazing old building out in style. 

Regardless we close it out in the regular season with a game that means so much. A chance to play at minimum 1 more game before they knock it down. 

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I didn't get to see the presentations but I suspect they held back during the Saints game (knowing we were already guaranteed hosting a playoff game) and then last night (with the strong possibility of getting the NFCCG) 

But now there can be no doubt, for the Dome their will be no tomorrow after next Sunday (unless we include it in the superbowl festivities)

Really hope the Dome authority and Blanks folks go all out on this one. They should do up the legends thing they did for the Saints game even larger. As many Falcon Alumni as you can get from Tommy Nobis to Warrick Dunn, even SEC championship and Final four greats 

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On December 25, 2016 at 10:10 AM, jm_falcons said:

I think so.....and it will be the Green Bay Packers at the Atlanta Falcons.

You were right on with this.

1 hour ago, jm_falcons said:

And Atlanta is going to win....38-30.  Waaay too many weapons fellas...and our young D is getting better every game!  Good night all.

And MAN, I hope you're right on with this (although it's ok if the Atlanta number goes higher and the Packer number goes lower ... won't hold that against ya).

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